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Fontaine le Port

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About The Local Tours

Here's a glance at some of the common features of our guided visits.
Average of 3 Hours

Including all transportation and waiting. Extra time is available as an add-on.

For 2 to 5 People

The tours are designed for small, intimate groups in a single vehicle.

English Language

The tours are led by a native English speaker who resides in the local area. 

Kids and Pets Welcome

There's no fee for infants, toddlers and pets unless a larger vehicle is required.

Spend Time In Nature

The forest is known internationally for its unique boulders and wooded trails. 

Visit Historic Places

The area is rich in history and culture, with many local points of interest. 

Meeting Up Is Easy.

We can meet at the train station, downtown, your hotelregional village, or a custom location.
(Please note some restrictions may apply for regional pick-ups and custom locations).

Standard Tours

The main 3 hour tours we offer of the Fontainbleau region.

Tour 1
"The Most of Moret"
(Southwest Circuit)

Includes the villages of Moret-sur-Loing and Bourrone-Marlotte

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Tour 2
"The Painter's Trail"

(Northwest Circuit)

Includes the Gorges d'Apremont and the village of Barbizon

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Tour 3
"Ridges and Bridges"
(Eastern Circuit)

Includes the Tower of Denecourt, Samois-sur-Seine, and Fontaine le Port

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Special Tours

Special visits to palaces, monuments and other historic sites.


A Baroque marvel which led to the fall of finance minister Fouquet and to the rise of Louis XIV's Versailles. The chateau and its grounds are well worth a visit. Located 25 minutes northeast of Fontainebleau. 

Exquisite salon at Vaux-le-Vicomte
medieval castle of Provins


The medieval town of Provins offers multiple escapes, including tours of the tower, jousting displays, birds of prey shows, and frequent festivals at the castle. Located 60 minutes east of Fontainebleau. 

Tour Add-Ons

Consider enhancing your visit with these additional options.

Extra Time

Add time for a meal, seasonal events or simply the chance to linger where you like and discover more.

Special Meals & Drinks

We can arrange a picnic lunch, chilled champagne, or whatever strikes your fancy.   

Sunset Tour Option

Enhance your visit by taking your tour during sunset. Including extra time for a meal is also recommended.    

Custom Requests

We're happy to include destinations and activities which are of interest to you. Please contact us to discuss.   

Freewheeling tours are casual, informative guided tours which move at an unhurried pace. We like to present the best of both town and country, exploring hidden gems along the way. We believe a good tour is one which leaves a smile on your face, a lasting memory, and a desire to come back again. 

Freewheeling Tours
Fontainebleau, France

Current Tour Prices
Prices listed are per person. 
Free for ages 7 and under.
50% off for ages 7 to 16.
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 Prices subject to change for vacation periods.

Tour 1

"The Most of Moret"

Prices per person
2 people  €69
3 people €59
4 people €59
5 people €55

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Tour 2

"The Painter's Trail"

Prices per person
2 people  €65
3 people €55
4 people €55
5 people €49

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Tour 3

"Ridges and Bridges"

Prices per person
2 people  €59
3 people €49
4 people €49
5 people €45

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Special: Tour 4

Vaux-le-Vicomte (Half day)

Includes entry fee.
Price depends on group size.
Seasonal events also possible. 

Please inquire

Special: Tour 5

Provins (Full day)

Includes price of attractions.
Price depends on group size.
Seasonal events also possible.

Please inquire

Special: Tour 6

Custom Tour

Personalised for your group.
Custom times and locations.
Special occasions welcome.

Please inquire

What's Included

Personal guide (local)

Pick up and drop off
Entrance fees (when applicable)
Tour transportation
Road tolls and parking fees

Light snacks
Bottled waters
Hot tea or coffee
Full bottle of wine (if desired)
All taxes

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Freewheeling Tours is a personalised tour service based in Fontainebleau, France. We offer guided visits in English of the Fontainebleau forest, surrounding villages and special monuments. 

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